Posted by Prime Retail on 08-30-2012

Prime Retail Services, Inc. just completed a 420 store remodel construction project that included 5 different scopes of interior remodel work in 24 states. By utilizing their nationwide work force, this project was completed in 5 months. “This project involved combining our nationwide construction coverage, multi-state licenses, and union capabilities” says Prime President and CEO Donald Bloom. “Our senior Director of Operations, Mack Turner, and his team were able to use our 3P process to consistently meet the critical path and performance levels required by our client”

The 5 scopes of work varied and included some or all of the following:

 Demolition of existing equipment from floor to ceiling
 Construction of 1,000 square foot storage room
 Construction of a store within a store
 Replacing bulkhead signage
 Relocating electrical for photo processors

Some of the locations required both permitting and union labor. One location in Wisconsin that required union labor included demolition of the existing equipment and construction of a 1,000 square foot storage room. It was a 5 night scope of work that was completed in 4 nights. Prime provides permit analysis for each project and is able to manage union projects throughout the United States.

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